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Craig Mountain
Art & Design
Katie   Craighill
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       About Me

Ever since I was capable of cognitive thought, I have loved two things: animals and art. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in the small town of Sewanee nestled in the hills of Tennessee with my parents, younger brother, and four cats. I spent most of my childhood tromping around in the woods and wilderness of Sewanee, and allowed the natural landscape to influence my artwork. In high school, I developed my passion for ecology and wildlife in my biology classes, and during my semester at the Chewonki Semester School in Wiscasset, Maine. I graduated from Bowdoin College in 2017 with a degree in Biology and Visual Arts, and am now living and working in Atlanta. My work has been featured in several exhibitions at Bowdoin College, as well as in Atlanta, including Art Gone Wild 2018 and 2019 at Zoo Atlanta, S.C.A.D. Small Works Exhibition, and the upcoming Saint Andrew's Sewanee Gallery Exhibition. As I continue to do art, I strive to promote awareness of place, the natural world and the importance of conserving the ecology within it.


        About the Company

Craig Mountain Art & Design is an in-the-works company that sells hand-printed merchandise--including prints and apparel--with my animal artwork. A percentage of the profits will go towards wildlife conservation and social justice organizations such as Sierra Club and the Southerners On New Ground, to aid in wildlife conservation and social justice efforts around the world. For now, I am selling prints, stationary, and apparel through my online store. I also do commission-based work including graphic design, sketches, and paintings,  for anything from logos to wall murals. For more information about what I do email me at or visit the contact page.

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