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Cool Aquatic Creatures just in time for summer

I am releasing two new designs featuring some very cool aquatic creatures! First, the loon, one of Maine's most iconic birds! Often loons are portrayed sitting serenely atop a placid body of water but I wanted my loon design to be dynamic and showcase this bird's impressive ability to dive for prey. Loons eat fish, crustaceans and other small water-dwelling creatures.  

My other new design features the life cycle of a marine snail called an abalone. These snails have been harvested worldwide for centuries as a source of food and decoration. Due to overfishing and the acidification of oceans (thanks, climate change), however, abalone are now a threatened class of organism. My dear friend, Eileen Bates, has been studying abalone in the Pacific Northwest for her PhD, and commissioned me to illustrate their life cycle to be included in one of her scientific publications. Originally, I did a small batch of these shirts for Eileen's friends and family, but after quite a bit of interest, I am happy to make this design available to everyone!

Both of these designs are screen-printed by me on Seafoam, Blue Jean, and Ivory (and Terracotta for the abalone) Comfort Colors 100% cotton t-shirts with your choice of black, blue, or white ink. The shirts are 100% cotton Comfort Colors unisex tees, which I chose because they are sturdy, soft, pre-shrunk, and some of my favorite on the market. Also soon to be available on a crew neck sweatshirt!

Go pre-order yours here!

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