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Ultra-soft Bella+Canvas unisex pullover hoodie with my design hand-printed on the front. The hoodie is a cotton and polyester blend and comes in sizes S through 2XL.


This was originally a pen and ink drawing on paper completed in January of 2022 for Abe Tensia. It is a drawing of her black cat, Dipper, that I have made into a printable design. I was going through a tough time back in January of 2022 when Covid was still rampant, but Abe and her house mates, most notably Dipper, kept me going. This shirt is an omage to Dipper and those times we can't help but stare into the abyss. 


With the design hand-printed by me, the hoodies are by BELLA + CANVAS. I print with water-based fabric ink that will not come out in the wash so your shirt won't fade over time.


The caption of my instagram post from January of 2022:


"Black cats are notoriously difficult to photograph because their rich fur absorbs all light. Abe Tensia‘s son, Dipper, often referred to as “The Void,” is no exception, thus, I attempted to capture his power and poise in a drawing. I thought it fitting to include some poignant Pinegrove lyrics from the song “V."


I have had a pretty shit start to the year as have many of us. I owe it to Abe & her housemates for not only housing me whilst my sweet partner recovered from Covid, but also keeping me company at the studio, allowing me to hang with Dipper, & being an all around great friend during these dark times. To all who have listened, checked in, & been there, I appreciate and love you more than I can say! To anyone who is also feeling the weight of existing through a nothing-short-of-apocalyptic January AGAIN, you are not alone! Lots of love to you all. Hang in there"


Void Cat Fleece-Lined Hoodie

Hoodie Color
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  • Wash normally, but we recommend air-drying this product, rather than using a dryer. This will keep the ink of the design looking fresh and bold.

    Be sure to tie knots at the ends of the hood drawstrings to prevent them sliding out of place.

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