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Learning & Growing With A New Name

NEW NAME, SAME GREAT ART! Thank you to all who have given feedback and talked with me the past few weeks about making the decision to change my company/brand name. I will slowly be transitioning to “Craig Mountain Art & Design” across all platforms so keep an eye out. My Instagram handle will change this Saturday at 9 pm.

“you may have seen my most recent post about the history of my name and logo. I wanted to share that with you because a) I think it is a cool story and important to know the background and context for the name, and b) I was interested in any feedback or concern folks had about the name, specifically the word “savage”

although my name borrows the word “savage” directly from the nickname for K2 with a very specific context, the word has also historically been used as a racial slur against Indigenous People. I have been reflecting and researching (and received great feedback from a few of you) and have decided to phase out the word “savage” in my name and brand.

my former name may use the word with specific context, but that context is not necessarily always apparent and I do not want any association with a term that is harmful to the Indigenous Community, context or not. No name is more important than respecting the experiences of all people.

Moving forward, I will be implementing the new name and offering iron-on patches to all who would like to rebrand their current merch.

In the meantime, I appreciate your patience as I make this transition. Much of my merch and materials have the old name already printed so you may see that for a time yet.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, please reach out to me! I am still learning and working to be better. Thank you and love you all!”

—Katie CraigMountain

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